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About Tennis Journal

Welcome to Tennis Journal. Looking for a good read about tennis? More substantive coverage of your favourite sport? You've come to the right place.

Tennis Journal is the magazine that shows you what's really going on in the game.This new digital publication is full of original material by some of the foremost tennis writers, accompanied by photography and design that makes it a pleasure to to look at and read.

In a period where tennis magazines -- and the pages in them -- are getting fewer and fewer, also shrinking are the in-depth reporting, interviews and writing that used to fill them. The launch of Tennis Journal is our attempt to change this, by creating a publication designed for loyal followers of the game.

To do this, we also need you. We are a new publication that depends on our readers and is committed to them. The tennis community, like any other, benefits from quality journalism that focuses attention on important issues and connects people with the game. Coverage in the news media is becoming more fitful, and while websites, blogs and social media are filling the gap for day-to-day news admirably, longer features and reports have suffered by comparison. Subscribing to Tennis Journal means contributing to the kind of stories you want to read and that the sport deserves.

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